If you would like to help secure alljoinon’s future, please consider subscribing to us below for £1 monthly. It is of course totally optional. Subscribers will have access to additional chat features.

  • -Animated gifs
  • -Extra stickers
  • -Ability to switch colours
  • -Misc other chat stuff
  • -Have the contributor role assigned

Im sure things will be added (like the missing gallery) Im still working hard in the background. All essential features will always be available to all.

Some context

The old alljoinon was run on a dedicated expensive (unnecessary) server at a cost of around £90 per month, excluding any web developer fees on top of that a monthly fee was also being paid for just the chat at around £15. Bringing to total to over £100 a month.

Alljoinon is now running on a shared server for only £12 a month all in! (Plus a one off fee of £50 was paid for a chat script) However, this does have some draw backs. At busy time other websites that share alljoinon’s server may impact on our sites performance, you may have noticed this from time. Unfortunately due to variables out of my control i have very few pennies, and i am genuinely unable to spend any more on alljoinon. If we could just get enough subs to cover the £12 that would be great, it would mean alljoinon would be self sufficient. All pennies will go back into AJO only, this is not a profit thing. If there is ever any left over it could go into a raffle or quiz fund or something, or id just lower the sub amount, im open to suggestions? Some of you may be thinking ads are the solution, but they are not. Alljoinon has very little traffic, and lets face it, the ads were bloody annoying, and many of us use an ad blocker anyway.

I appreciate you all just being here, whether a subscriber or not! Your company is your most valuable asset! being here and chatting is helping alljoinon too


Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time through the PayPal control panel, or try clicking the unsubscribe button below (Only viewable to subscribers, paypal has a habit of moving settings around, so may not go to the correct page)

PayPal fees are 0.20 + 3% so for a £1 transaction 77p is received.

Current number of subscriptions: 8