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    #chair Lol #hysterical


    i have been working on it every day but i forget to update this thread #guns

    updated core
    updated chat
    updated buddypress
    finshed the sub code
    edited the online list
    started work on ajos reputation on google, got us to page 2 or 3 already #biggrindance
    opened up the site to google to help with the indexing
    created the quiz widget
    fixed missing features on firefox
    setup facebook instagram linkedin youtube twitter
    killed spam users signing, one from ukraine is very persistent #guns

    Anyone interested in blogging? after all the site is running wordpress which was created for blogging. I remember the original ajo had a cooking section or something. I kind of started blogging here already when it was tobbel, the articles were about keeping safe online


    Well done, Dex! xx



    what Debz said , Thanks Dex #clapping …..now take a break and go sort out your car or skateboard or eat chips and dark chocolate ginger biscuits or something xx.


    Good lord the number of spammers trying to get in has rocketed #hysterical


    Installed country blocking, installed more antispam crap. Lets see how many legit users it blocks #hysterical

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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