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    I think ive cracked it, after hours and hours of untangling the code. at first i reordered it so newest at top, but hated it, and still had huge list of messages on page. Plus it broke some things.

    My solution is ive made it so it only shows the 10 most recent messages per message thread. Then I put those message into a scroll box a single page in height. Newest is at the bottom stil so its still intuitive.

    I need to now test it all device some more before I enable it.




    Sounds good DEX, ty for all your efforts ma man :)



    Can you repeat that a bit slower dex cos I read it 3 times and dont knows what yer on about ? ? ? ?….Hi Rob , hows the missus, hope she is comfy and that your doing well yerself . I couldnt be bothered to go into chat to ask you so thought I would do it in here..:)……………………I bet your pleased you got some senile mates like me..:). #hysterical



    aye Phillip us seniles must stick together, lol #hysterical

    wifey is much better thank you, i,m ok too,
    hope you and urs are doing well.



    Were all great this end ta rob , the wife is still working full time and I am supposedly retired now so daytimes are heaven.:)…The family are all happy and well and the four grandchildren are are growing up too fast .Lifes not bad at all on a good day mate. I have to go now as I am chief technical advisor to dex and he might be trying to get hold of me as he knows where to come when he wants advice on computers.. #yahoo


    There you bloody are, loafing about on here, you are supposed to me chief technical-ing for me #chair



    if you had my technical knowledge dex you would still be in nursery school ! I amaze myself somedays just by getting my laptop to start.The family dont let me near anything that needs a bit of thinking about as I am dangerous,lol……I spent most of my life being a decorator , my wife did all my estimates ect on the computer , thank heavens she did cos if I had done them I dread to think what they would have looked like. #worthy


    as least the wallpapering was nice #hysterical


    Gonna enable this soon, so if you for any reason you have stored something important in messages, save it #good a thread will only have a max of 10 messages in it once enabled.


    Blimey no one moaned since the switch, thats a first #hysterical

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 31 total)

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