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    Just a thought,

    As I hate scrolling to the bottom of a list, would it be possible for the newest mail from a friend or fiend to appear at the top of a list ?
    specially for someone like myself who receives so much mail, yeah as if #hysterical



    I agree with Rob , its not always easy to get here earlier so if you change the day maybe it would make life a lot easier for those who dont come here.


    Ive thought about this myself a few times and here is the problem… The easier i make the message inbox thing, the more like a chat room it becomes and the less incentive there is for ppl have to chat in the chat rooms. The message function is designed for an odd message here and there, like mail through a letter box.

    If you find yourself using it a lot, I suggest you do what i do and tell the person you are chatting to jump in the chat rooms and private message you. Or jump ask them to join you on skype or facebook etc.

    This site is a primarily meant as a community based set of chat rooms for strangers to find someone to talk to. I could have added a private chat thing like facebook has at the bottom of its page, but that again encourages people not to use the chat rooms. Pretty much everyone has facebook these days and it does what it does well. Tobbel is not trying to be another facebook #biggrindance


    Phillip did you post in the correct topic? #hysterical



    Errrrr , yes….:) #wacko



    I guess thats a NO then :( #frustrated



    it also has the added advantage of making ppl delete there messages once read #biggrindance


    well spotted wobney theres no sad face icon, ill speak to management team, who will in turn contact the IT department, hash things out in the board room, to get it sorted. #hysterical


    #hysterical #hysterical #hysterical



    hash or thrash DEX #hysterical

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)

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