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    Hiya Fez, sorry but where do you get a figure of 52 quids, £1 per month = £12 #guns



    Happy to donate but dont have PayPal nor do i want to use PayPal. a donation per year is better for me x Can I be nosey and ask what it costs to run a site like this per year?



    Just purely out of curiosity, why don’t you want to do Paypal for £1 per month?

    i got rid of all my direct debits a long time ago debz, i like to pay cash for everything, and i would gladly donate the ammount asked for, but not by dd, just my choice. #good


    Firstly i appreciate the help, i really do.

    Money isn’t a problem currently. Im not going to go into detail why, but one day it could be for me. So I thought it would be a good idea to make alljoinon more self sufficient.

    I dont want to entertain the idea of taking money in advance, im a huge worrier and having ppls money will play on my mind. I have so many other things to worry about, ive no room for extra.

    I dont think you need a paypal account, only a card (Though i have not tried this method for subscriptions) and its free to send with or without an account. However it makes no sense to do it that way, because it puts you at a disadvantage as there are more support options, refund option, extra protection and tracking. It would be like having a bank account without any online functionality.

    You can cancel the sub immediately and 33 days of AJO subscript will remain. You can do this manually once a month, or ‘now and then’ However, this might get annoying for you, hence the default to subscription.

    It has to be paypal, its secure, free, automated, traceable, transparent, refundable and completely safe. There are actually much better options in terms of features than paypal for this type of site funding, but I chose not to use them as i knew users here wouldn’t have heard of them. Also, even those services use paypal as the payments processor. Finally there is code written to automatically upgrade accounts etc when a payment is received. Its seamless and easy. This method of funding is pretty standard for funding things like this.

    As for the site being mine, i dont see it like that at all, i see as all of ours. I just happened to be the only geek on the site capable of maintaining it, though im not a professional by any means. I also have poor people skills, so all in all i am not the best choice of person to run a chat site really. Ill start to lean on debbikins for the people stuff i think #hysterical

    As for how much it costs glorianne, its all documented on the subscription page, its not a lot at all now compared to before. (Well i suppose it depends on how many pennies one has)


    Thanks, Dex. I hope this explains things more to those who were asking.

    As for ” Ill start to lean on debbikins for the people stuff i think #hysterical “… err… thanks, Pal! lol


    You were born peopley #biggrindance



    Cheers for that Dex… well said #clapping ….. now .. about this Pink….. #hysterical #wink #whistle



    Hi Rob G, yes you’re quite right a pound a month is 12 pounds a year, you’re so clever, Im easily fooled but it’s worth it.



    lol fez #hysterical


    Cheers for that Dex… well said #clapping ….. now .. about this Pink….. #hysterical #wink #whistle

    #chair #chair #chair

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 32 total)

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