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    Just incase anyone has missed it…. there is now a subscription option at the top of the page… if you don’t mind.. have a look at it #yes





    Sorted #good



    i think there should be 2 options, the one you have, and/ or, one where anyone can make a one off donation of their own ammount, it can be paid for in the same way, via paypal.



    Oh good idea deano I did ask about this, and a tip for the owner #clapping



    I suggested this to dex, he’s unhappy about taking money ‘up front’ from people. :(


    The subscription idea is totally voluntary, it’s a great way to help Dex out with the cost of running AJO and I’m sure most of us won’t miss £1 per month. HOWEVER, the way Dex has set it up via Paypal is the BEST way for him to deal with it. If members want to contribute but don’t want to use Paypal the way Dex has arranged it, that’s fine, I’m sure he appreciates your intention to help out but he’s not going to set it up differently, so don’t worry about it.



    Im going to have my ” say” for what its worth #mail .Ive never dealt with PayPal , certainly not going to start now for a £1 a month payment , Im more than happy to send a cheque as i ” mentioned ” in the Conservatory yesterday evening for £12 to Dexter as subscription or maybe a bit more .Surely its better to receive a lump sum than in dribs and drabs ? If the site closes in a few months i wouldnt be after a refund . Hopefully you can find the right solution besides JUST PayPal #shakehands



    I have to agree with Phil , Im more than happy to donate to help with the running costs of the site, ive said to toots many a time , we should all donate some thing , even if it is only a pound per month . however like Phil i do not and dont want a pay pal account , i will be more than happy to pay by direct debit card. or even the old way , by postal order lol . i think it would suit some of us to do it this way , we can then donate what we want , ........................Whats four pound a month , , ive dropped more out of my pocket running for a bus, when i could run hahahah………………….. but i did stop to pick it up #yahoo ………………excuse the humour



    Nothing wrong with your humour Cap , thats why we love you #wink well in a manly way as far as im concerned anyway #good

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 32 total)

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