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    #hysterical … well it paid off!



    My parents also had lots of random books lying around that I would pick up and read. The ‘everything within’ books were fascinating and showed you how to do everything from knitting socks and underwear to making passe partout picture frames to the etiquette of christenings, marriages and funerals etc and lyrics of trafitional folk songs. One of the funniest books was a woman’s medical guide from the early 20th century. Again, more dodgy knitting patterns, plus instructions on ‘lying in’ after the birth, binding babies and at what age baby boys should stop wearing dresses! How times change!



    I liked reading The Famous Five of Enid Blyton and other Enid Blyton books.



    I never was a good reader when I was young. Then I moved to a place were we didn’t have TV for WHILE. I JOINED THE library and started to read several books a week.



    I really can’t remember my favourite books as I read lots , some from the childrens library. I remember having one called Obidiah. I didn’t like The Rupert Books my parents bought me, I thought the characters were very scary. Later, they bought me the Look and Learn magazines which I found quite boring.


    Oh yes… Look and Learn was for the nerds! Not at all cool! #hysterical



    hey i read those too, #chair


    hey i read those too, #chair

    that confirms it then #biggrindance



    lol DEX,

    I also read or I should say studied Encyclopedias. ‘Pictorial Knowledge’ and a Childrens version of Encyclopedia Britanica, cant get either now, even online..
    Adult version of Britanica is online since 2010 ish
    rab the bookworm, #clapping

Viewing 9 posts - 11 through 19 (of 19 total)

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