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    Did you read books as a young child or did your parents read to you? My favourite bedtime book as a child was The Adventures of Mr Pinkwhistle by Enid Blyton. Also, at the end of the primary school day on Fridays, our form teacher used to read to us, I particularly enjoyed The Water Babies and Emil and the Detectives. How about you?


    I used to read this back to front, or is it front to back lol #hysterical


    You must know everything then, Dex! I had a distant cousin who, at the age of 7 told me his favourite TV show was News at 10!

    I suppose fiction isn’t your thing?


    I think the expression is ‘cover to cover’ #hysterical



    As mentioned on the ‘childhood’ thread, the Uncle books of J P Martin with Quentin Blake illustrations, funny and surreal.



    Many years ago I had some poems published in Reader’s DIgest, interesting eh #hysterical

    for ME #chair



    Twinkle annuals. Grimms fairy tales. Bloody hell some of those were horrific. No wonder I’m mental 😂😂😂



    I loved reading (still do!) and could read before I started school.. One of my earliest memories is, when was 2 or 3 years old, climbing up on a chair for my Gran to read Bambi to me. My Dad also used to read Brer Rabbit stories to me; he did the voices of the different characters , which made us both chuckle.Later on I loved all the Enid Blyton books , especially the Famous Five adventure stories.

    Lulu we also had a book of Grimms fairy tales – you’re right, some of those were very grim!

    My favourite book to read with my own kids was Dr Seuss- Fox in Socks. If you’ve never read this book, give it a go . It’s full of tongue-twisters and guaranteed to make people chuckle.



    i read every day, always liked reading, as a kid it was enid blyton, that was my favorite i can remember i was always called out in class to read a story to the rest of the class, i used to watch all the sharp series on tv, then i brought all the novels of the series by Bernard Cornwall, that was years ago, i have just started reading them all over again and still enjoying them, ive read every Catherine cookson novel, many biographies , and i do like history books, i read a lot of nature books, many western novels, so yes, a lot of reading, and always in bed of a night. or sat outside when the sun is shining, or when i dont fancy watching tv, but i do have a reading room because i can not read with the tv on,


    Heres another one, this is what happens when you dont read to your kids, they find whatever books are lying around.

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