about us

What is alljoinon.com?


AllJoinOn.com is an online social club, or social networking site for making new friends.

www.AllJoinOn.com is an easy, safe way to make new friends with the same interests or in the same situation, chat to some interesting people and share tips and advice.

I started this website after being stuck at home bored recovering from a slipped disc. All my friends and family were busy at work, daytime television started to drive me crazy and I just wanted some people to talk to. I knew there must be other people in the same situation, but I had no way to find them.

So I designed AllJoinOn.com to change that!

What Does This Site Offer?

We offer an easy way to increase your circle of friends all from the comfort of your PC

We let you find people in the same situation, with the same interests. There is nothing like talking to someone in the same boat, who really understands.
Also, if you are off sick, lets face it, it is only you and other people with the same condition who find talking about it endlessly fascinating!

For many members it gives them the chance to make some new friends. Our stay at home parents and carers find it a welcome lifeline to be able have some other adults to talk to when they are having a break. It’s great for replacing office banter and the diverse range of people you meet at work. Our members who are retired, between jobs and people who work from home find this great.

If you move to a new area, you can search for members who live in the same town. It’s a really good way to make some new friends.

The site is so convenient, you can log on when it suits you and find members of our friendly community online – something our shift workers and insomniacs find a key benefit.

I wanted to make this site really clear and simple to use. You will find instructions and tips throughout the site.

Why is it called All Join On?

This goes back to happy memories from my school days. When we wanted to play a game we would get a few people together, link arms and start marching up and down the playground chanting “All Join On, only if you want to play…then shout the name of the game.” The line would get longer and longer until there were enough people to play the game.

This was so much fun, a new craze started – we started playing “All Join On”. The chant was now “All Join On only if you want to play All Join On”. The line would get longer and longer until the whole playground was matching up and down.
I remember laughing so much as we got to the end of the playground and the whole line tried to spin round.

There are times in everyones lives when we want to increase our circle of friends. As adults we can’t march down the streets chanting “All Join On only if you want to go to the pub as I am new to the area”, or “All Join On only if you want to talk about the latest deals at Primark over a cappuccino at Starbucks!” We have taken away the need to chant, but tried to keep the sense of fun and community!

Everyday I have members writing to me thanking me for setting www.AllJoinOn.com up, I hope you can make some good friends too – go on, give it a try.

All Join On today!”

Sadly carolynn became unwell in 2014 and the site was in desperate need of an update and ultimately went offline. A few of the members decided to take on Alljoinon. However, during the period alljoinon was offline the group split because of differing opinions . This is when Tobbel was created, and shortly afterwards Alljoinon reopened by Sandie & mickles.

In 2018 Sandie & Mickles announced they no longer had the time alljoinon needed and it would soon be closing. This is where i entered the frame, and merged both websites Tobbel & Alljoinon back into one.