Why members like AllJoinOn.com, everyday we get thankyou messages…

I feel inspired to say thank you for introducing me to so many nice people and giving me new frends.
Jane, 32, stay at home mum, Liverpool

I have only just discovered AllJoinOn.com I must say that im very impressed. It makes a nice change to engage in clean, friendly chat.
Graham, 48, Scotland

AllJoinOn.com is a great, friendly, and family orientated site. That is like one big community on here. I would recommend All Join On.com to anyone who wants to chat about most things and make friends.
Sarah, Nail technician, 42, Cheshire

It was my first time in a chatroom, but I took to it like a duck to water so to speak! Gradually I met more people, then I became somewhat addicted to AllJoinOn.com!
Jamie, York, 36

My hubby joined me up bless, best thing he ever did
Amanda, Housewife, 44, South Wales

AllJoinOn.com is a good allround site. It has the right feel about it, cosy but open-minded. The regulars make you feel so at home.
Barbara, Teacher, 48, Norwich

I would welcome anyone to this down to earth friendly site, anyone who is genuine and just generally a nice person that is!!
Aby, Expat, 30, Spain

Be warned AllJoinOn.com gets very addictive as you meet such nice people and want to catch up with them on a daily basis even twice daily!
Tracy, nurse, 24, Birmingham

I cant thank you enough for your advice or for AllJoinOn.com, Ive been trapped at home for quite some time and it feels good to finally have people to talk to. Thanks again
Steve, 51, recovering from a stroke

I have now been a member for quite a few weeks and am enjoying the camaraderie with the other members and have been on it for most evenings so far. The people are really nice and friendly.
Maggie, retired, Scotland

I have been on here for a year or so now and have made one very good friend who I now see every couple of weeks, I have also made a couple of friends who I mail now and again. That is what it is all about.
Joy, Reitred, Plymouth

AllJoinOn.com has given me a new lease of life
John, Recently divorced, 42, Newcastle

AllJoinOn.com appeals to people of all ages and gender and is especially useful for those who in particular do feel isolated and unable to get out in their community. You are able to be yourself, in the chatroom you can be as communicative or as quiet as you like and everyone is very friendly. It is possible you will find other people in your area who feel the same way as you, yet as we all come from very different walks of life, you have the opportunity of perhaps meeting someone you would ordinarily not have! This can only enrich your life.
Katie, Living as an Expat in Netherlands, 36

AllJoinOn.com has been a lifeline to me. I have made some friends who are virtual but I know there is a real person behind the text. I would recommend AllJoinOn.com to anybody who is looking for a break from their life for a moment to forget about things and have a laugh with like minded people.
Lucy‚ Scotland, 28