Our Story

Our Story

Created and developed by Carolyn Morris in 2008. Carolyn was off work with a bad back, all her friends and family were busy during the day.   She eventually got fed up with daytime television and wanted some new friends to chat to.   It was anticipated  that there would be lots of other people in a very similar position but had no way of contacting them. Carolyn then went online but most of the chat sites she visited were “sleazy”- more like chat up lines rather than chat rooms. It was recognised just how powerful chat technology could be if it was cleaned up,  enabling sociable people stuck in unsociable situations to meet others to chat to when they wanted, from the comfort of their own home. The vision was one of a friendly online social club. A place where conversation and friendship could flourish and sense of humours click.

So “StuckAtHomeBored.com” was born.

In order to bring this new Chat Site to the attention of other people a launch was arranged in London.
Feedback from the launch indicated that the initial title was too long and enhanced the feeling of ‘boredom’.   Back to the drawing board for a new name, Carolyn remembered a game that she often played in the school playground where all the children were encouraged to become involved in the game – that game was called ‘All Join On’ .

All Join On Chat Site was formally launched with Chat Rooms such as Rugby Club, Café and Beach.   The numbers of members gradually increased on a regular basis and other room facilities were added at regular intervals – such as Forum, Advice, Cookery, Jokes and Meetings.

By 2014 the number of Member Profiles had increased in excess of 55,000 (bear in mind that Profile Numbers doesn’t denote the actual number of Members but the number of Profiles created).

Sadly in late 2014 following a further bout of medical problems Carolyn felt that she was unable to continue to Manage All Join On and made a serious decision to close the Site down on 19 Jan 2015.

A small group of current members indicated a desire to take over the Site and at least give it a chance to survive.

This has not been without it’s problems, some of which are taking longer than anticipated to adjust and implement.

We are now beginning to move in the right direction and the new AJO Chat Site will provide the facilities that will ensure pleasant, friendly and helpful chat will prevail.

A very big THANK YOU to those loyal members who stood by the Admin Team and we hope that all the waiting will proved to be worth the while.

Finally a Very Big Thank you to Carolyn and all those concerned in the original conception of AJO – without you we wouldn’t be here with so many wonderful stories to tell.