About Us

“AllJoinOn is more fun than watching TV!”

AllJoinOn.com is a fun, safe way to socialise online and a great way to increase your circle of friends. We offer friendship rather than dating and have cleaned up the chat experience. Members are friendly and welcoming as everyone wants to make new friends, so pop in and give it a try!

How is AllJoinOn.com Special?

AllJoinOn.com is a unquie community. A community in the old fashioned sense of the word, that happens to be online. From the comfort of your home you can chat to people from all over the world. It is so convenient to pop into our online cafe or bar. There is always someone to chat to and listen to you. Members easily get to know each other, they laugh and joke, but are also very supportive and caring.

We have cleaned up the chat experience so our chatrooms become a place where like minds and sense of humours click. Our search is set up so you can find people with similar interests, ages, in similar situations and locations. The forum is a great way to discuss everything and anything from topical to getting advice on a problem. Plus we have over 3,000 funny jokes shared by members to brighten up your day. Real friendships have developed. Many members go on to meet up in the real world and although we are not a dating site, we have even had a wedding!

One of our members Ruby, wrote a poem about AllJoinOn.com:

For my online Friends on AllJoinOn

There’s a land where I go, when I need to share, that’s not on a map, yet exists everywhere; lots of names without faces, a curious place, a virtual creation that’s called cyberspace. We chat and we laugh and often we sigh, we ‘hug’ and sometimes we cry. We can’t be heard and we can’t be seen, still we can ‘talk’ right there on that screen; but, all in all, the most curious part is the power this has to open our hearts. We share with a stranger stuff we’ve concealed from our closest of friends, things we never reveal! Our deepest regrets and most troubling fears, the scars in our life which bring us to tears. What gives them the power to reach into me and show me the truths that I never see? How do they manage to open my eyes and make me confess the pain and the lies? This must have been planned by Spirit above, few places on earth can bring so much love. When I need some direction I know I can find those angels from heaven just waiting online

All Join On today!

We welcome anyone over 18 years old. Most of our members are over 40 years old and the majority from the UK and Australia.

AllJoinOn.com has worked for thousands of people, I hope you can make some more friends too – go on, give it a try.