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• Introducing AllJoinOn.com •

AllJoinOn.com is a fun, safe way to socialise online and a great way to increase your circle of friends. It is so convenient, from the comfort of your home you can pop into our online cafe or bar and chat to people from all over the world. What makes AllJoinOn.com special is the community we have created. It is a community like a friendly village that happens to be online. There is always someone to say hello to you and ask how your day is going. Members easily get to know each other, they laugh and joke, plus they are also very supportive and caring. It is free to join, so pop in, say hello and give it a try.

• How To Make New Friends •

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Join Us

Making new friends on AllJoinOn.com is easy. It is free to join and meet like minded friends chatting now.

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Join in with our friendly chat rooms and lively forums. You can message and penpal like minded friends.

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Meet like minded friends who have the same interests as you, live nearby or are in the same situation.

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Your details are always safe and secure. Make friends without sharing any personal details including surnames and location.

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Attend Events

Join in with our regular events which include an online pub quiz, online parties and real world meet ups.

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Give your advice to other members, share recipies and what you’re cooking along with over 3,000 funny jokes to brighten your day.

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• Testimonials •

Hi and thank you. I know what it is like to be bored as up until March I was a single parent of 2 with both of my children are under 10. I was getting sick of watching the same thing on telly day in and day out so when I found your chat room I thought it was ace cos people in it are so friendly it was really hard to believe but they are. I found it so easy to talk to as I have a real bad problem talking to people face to face, but ever since I have been using this room I have found that my confidence is slowly starting to return and I have recommended it to a lot of my friends who have the same problem as me and they have all said the same as me so all i want to say is thank you for helping me regain my confidence with talking to people face to face through your help by joining Alljoinon you have made such a big (HUGE HUGE) DIFFRENTS IN MY LIFE THANK YOU AGAIN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Emma, 24, Stay at home mum, Kent